Find places and projects that are looking for SCIPT volunteers

Use the below search engine to find places and projects that are looking for SCIPT volunteers; some require travel and others can be done from your desktop computer at home. You can use this website to seek volunteers for SCIPT-related work but you must be logged onto the website to upload your request for volunteers.


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Examples of volunteer opportunities

Writing grant applications
Institute: SCIPT
Help tanslate into Portuguese, Spanish, German, Russian, French or Chinese.
Institute: ISCoS
Translate educational website into different languages.
Institute: International Network of SCIPT

Are you looking for SCIPT volunteers?

Add your request for volunteers using this page. To do this you must:

  1. Be logged onto this website, click here
  2. Provide an image that helps interested volunteers understand the type of SCIPT volunteer you are looking for (eg. provide an image of your hospital or country).
  3. Go to the menu titled “upload volunteers” (only visible if you are logged in).

Frequently asked questions

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